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Soften & easily manage your natural hair

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“We believe in the power of all things natural. That’s why we source real, legitimate, came-from-a-plant botanicals in every product of Adovz.”

How It Started

I faced three major setbacks that left me edgeless – Postpartum hair loss,  hard tap water, and living in an extremely dry climate.

The tap water in some US States run with high mineral content (hard water). I learned the hard way that washing hair with hard water coupled with living in an extremely dry climate can damage hair. Unfortunately, it took years to realize this was damaging my hair, and a few months after knowing this, I experienced postpartum  hair loss.

I was devastated! I almost didn’t take these pictures, because I didn’t want anyone to ever see me like this. 

For thick, kinky 4c hair, rule #1 is to keep it moisturized to avoid breakage. Our hair is like plants. When we don’t wet it, it dries up and the leaves fall off. 

Frustrated, I went in the kitchen and started mixing together natural, healthy,

edible, plant-based items I’ve used individually on my hair in the past that usually retain moisture. That was the birth of the moisturizing spray.

I would spray it before applying the hair butter that I’ve been making for years, and my edges started growing back.

Two weeks later, we met with a black natural hair chemist (yes, there are people who studied black hair in school!) and went through all the ingredients. She gave recommendations for maximum moisture retainment, and the rest is history.

A month after that fateful day, my edges were not only grown back, the texture was softer and my curls were more defined like a baby’s hair. It also became much easier to comb through. Whenever our friends visit, they would ask for samples. And just like me, they started sharing how their hair is now thriving and they kept asking for more.


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